US Coast Guard Approvals


The USCG has thoroughly reviewed Life Cell products and made the following comments and recommendations -


  • EXCESS EQUIPMENT - Life Cell can be carried as excess equipment on US vessels. There are no U. S. approval requirements for a buoyant float free storage container for safety equipment, and there is no regulation preventing Life Cell from being carried on U. S. vessels, provided that it did not replace or interfere with any required safety equipment. 


  • MAN OVERBOARD DEVICE -  The USCG remain concerned about the practice of encouraging boaters and mariners to throw their shipboard safety equipment overboard. As such, if any Life Cell unit is intended to be thrown overboard to a person in the water, no less than half of the required complement of shipboard safety equipment of the should be retained on board the host vessel. In other words, if used as a throwable device, no more than half of the ship's safety equipment should be in a single container. This may may be accomplished with multiple Life Cell units stowed in widely separated locations