Not only will you now have peace of mind when boating, you will also have significantly increased your chance of survival if an emergency occurs. Life Cell™’s vision is to reduce the number of people that tragically lose their lives in boating incidents and to redefine how safety equipment is stored on boats. It has been carefully developed after two men and their 11 year old sons were stranded at sea after their vessel sunk suddenly without warning. Their experience made them realise that in a time of emergency immediate access to safety equipment in a buoyant device was essential for survival. The Life Cell™ Marine Safety company is proudly Australian owned and passionate about improving marine safety.



All Life Cell models have provision for installation of an EPIRB if required. Your existing EPIRB bracket should be screwed with the ½” (13mm) self-tappers (supplied) to the mounting plate by aligning the existing screw holes with the matching holes on the plate. If you have a Jontron or an ACR Global Fix Pro you may need to add washers (supplied) so that the self-tappers do not protrude through the mounting plate and hit the Life Cell once installed.

The mounting plate with EPIRB bracket attached should then be screwed into the specially designed mounting points on the Life Cell using the 3/8” (10mm) screws (supplied).

The Trailer Boat

The mounting plate can be positioned on the side of the Life Cell in the designated mounting points.

The Yachtsman

A universal EPIRB bracket is already installed in the interior compartment and will fit most EPIRB brands. Alternatively, the mounting plate can be screwed into the side of the Life Cell in the designated mounting points. If EPIRB is mounted on the outside, the internal bracket can be removed to create more storage space. If activated in the water, the EPIRB can be placed in the specially designed holder on the outside of the Life Cell.

The Trawlerman & Crewman

The mounting plate can be screwed into the specially designed mounting points on either the inside or the outside of the Life Cell depending upon personal preference and space required for other marine safety equipment. If activated in the water, the EPIRB can be placed in the specially designed holder on the outside of the Life Cell.


Both orange (daylight)and red (night) flares can be placed in flare holders in the lid of Life Cell™. To install the thicker Orion flares safely and easily, lift one corner of the black plastic flare holder and partially push in body of flare before lifting the other corner to allow the flare to fall into position. The same process should be repeated for easy removal. Orion Flares should be positioned alternately so that Red Flares are positioned next to Orange Flares to allow for a better fit.


The Trawlerman & Crewman

Rocket flares can be accommodated in the main storage compartment.

The Trailer Boat

A recess has been created in the side of the interior compartment to allow rocket flares to be placed horizontally in the base if required.

The Yachtsman

Specially designed recesses are available on each side of the main storage compartment to accommodate longer rocket flares if needed.


All Life Cell™ models come with the appropriate number of lanyards according to size and number of people that they assist. Please see photo of how to use safely.


All other safety equipment including distress flag, flare gun, whistle, air horn, torch, signaling device should be stored under elastic cord in main compartment to secure it adequately and prevent loss if Life Cell™ is deployed and opened in water.

In addition, other safety equipment such as VHF radio, first-aid kit & water can be stored in Life Cell™. Personal items such as wallet, keys and phone can also be kept safe in storage compartment.


The Life Cell™ bracket can be mounted on any flat surface on your boat. The bracket has been designed so that the Life Cell™ can float off the bracket if the boat is submerged. For this reason the Life Cell™ bracket should be mounted in an open cockpit where it can be deployed in an unobstructed manner.

It should not be mounted inside a cabin or in a hard to access place. The idea is that safety equipment should be easily accessible in a time of emergency. You should not have to go into the cabin to access, as this could be catastrophic in the event of fire or rapid sinking.



An optional stainless steel bulkhead bracket is also available as an alternative to the standard black bracket if preferred for aesthetic reasons or if area to be mounted is too small for the standard black bracket.


Suitable for ¾ inch (19mm) and 1 - 1¼ inch (25-30mm) rails.

There may be circumstances where the standard mounting bracket is not practical to use on all boats. For this reason, an optional stainless steel rail bracket has been designed that can be mounted on horizontal or vertical rails. This can be purchased separately from your Life Cell™ supplier.


For additional information, videos on how to pack your Life Cell and how to install mounting brackets can be found on YouTube on the Life Cell Marine Safety home page.


All Life Cell™s have a two-year warranty when subject to normal use. 

If you experience a problem with your Life Cell during the warranty period, return to the place of purchase. Proof of purchase will be required for warranty. 

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