In October 2016, 40 Trailer Boat Life Cells and other marine safety gear were funded by The Torres Strait Marine Safety Program from the Queensland  Government Gambling Community Benefit Fund

Supporting The Torres Straight

The marine safety program is a partnership between the

  • Torres Strait Regional Authority,
  • Maritime Safety Queensland,
  • AMSA,
  • Queensland Police Service and
  • the National Maritime Safety Authority of Papua New Guinea.

Due to the reliance on seaborne transport over long distances across open-ocean in small open boats has in the past resulted in a very high incidence of search and rescue in the Torres Strait.

The primary focus of supplying the Life Cell's and safety gear is for

  • improving and promoting boating safety in the Torres Strait;
  • reducing the number of search and rescue operations in the area;
  • increasing the survivability of the persons lost at sea, and
  • supporting the development of the near coastal maritime industry.

We are pleased to say that the program has been a great success with Life Cell being embraced by local communities.