A certificate of Type Approval as a Novel Life-Saving Appliance was granted by Lloyds Register under the IMO resolution A.580 (13) and the LSA code regulation I/1.2 on 14th October 2016.

Under the rules and regulations, Life Cell is classified as a Throwable Buoyancy Device and has the capacity to support 1-4 people depending on the model. Life Cell is suitable for installation up to a height of 30 metres above the waterline and can now be used on ships bound by the International Convention of SOLAS.


Maximum capacity:

LF5 (Trailer Boat) – 1 person
LF3 (Yachtsman) – 1 person
LF2 (Trawlerman) – 3 persons
LF1 (Crewman) – 4 persons

The use of Life Cell floatation device is not to replace the lifejackets but only to supplement wearable lifejacket

Life Cell floatation device is not intended to aid the rescue of unconscious people in water


Production tests are to be conducted to the principles of IMO Resolution MSC.81(70), Part 2 and, as appropriate, records maintained for verification and witnessing by LR Surveyors. This does not preclude any further testing to the additional requirements of the country where the ship is registered (i.e. the flag state) or those acting on behalf of that Administration

Suitable Usage

Suitable for installation up to a height of 30 m from water line

The contents of the Life Cell floatation device does not form a part of this design appraisal but it is expected that the contents stored in the floatation device is fit for marine use and is of an approved type wherever applicable

Each unit is to be marked with the information required by LSA code Regulations

Instructions for installation, use and maintenance are to be supplied with each unit

The Life Cell floatation device may be accepted for use on installations where this is acceptable to the flag administration of that installation

Installation onboard: The onboard installation of the Life Cell floatation device is not part of this design appraisal or certificate. All such arrangements are to be to the satisfaction of the attending Surveyors

If the specified standards are amended during the validity of this certificate, the product is to be re-approved prior to it being supplied to vessels to which the amended standards apply

The approval of the item covered by this certificate is valid only so long as the item is manufactured in conformance with the details of the approved drawings, specifications, or other data referred to. No modification in the approved design, construction, or materials is to be adopted until the modification has been presented for consideration by the Lloyd’s Register and confirmation received that the proposed alteration is acceptable

Production items are to be manufactured in accordance with a quality control system which shall be maintained to ensure compliance with SOLAS Regulation III/5

Should a change of Place of Production from that stated below be required i.e. where the stages of manufacture/assembly/testing of this product take place, the new Place of Production is to be advised to us prior to the change taking place. This Certificate will require to be updated for approval to be maintained